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Instructor Approved Panopto access

There is a specific protocol for sharing Panopto recording sessions with students who have received instructor approval.

The basic process consists of restricting viewing permissions from the Parent folder and copying the approved recording sessions into a separate subfolder with additional permissions assigned to it. This support article assumes you have already created your course site in Brightspace, created your Panopto course folder, and scheduled and recorded sessions in Panopto. If you need support on these items, please check the linked help pages.

  • In Panopto, locate the Course Site Parent folder.
  • Click the Gear Icon > Settings, then scroll down to Availability; adjust to “never”
  • In the Parent Folder, open the Instructor Approved folder
  • Select the Gear icon (right hand side), then Share (left hand side)
  • In the section called People and Groups, clickchange” and then “Stop Inheriting” the Parent Folder permissions
  • If present, remove the Group COURSENAME::Viewer; Save
  • Add any requested students (NETID@nyu.edu) as Viewers of the subfolder; Save
  • Schedule and record your sessions from within the course parent folder.
  • After the session has been recorded, in the Parent Folder, find the Session you wish to share, and click the Gear/Settings icon that appears on mouse-over.
  • Select Manage on the left-hand side
  • Scroll down to Copy Video
  • In the drop-down for “Copy video toclick and locate the Course Parent Folder, then select the “Special Access” Folder as the destination
  • ClickCreate Full Copy
  • While still in the session, clickShare” and add the same requested students (NETID@nyu.edu) as Viewers; Save

Updated on January 16, 2023

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