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Have a question? Here are some of the most common support inquiries we receive.

Where is my NYU Brightspace course site for the upcoming semester?
Your course site(s) need to be created first in order to be accessible in your NYU Brightspace dashboard. Follow these instructions to complete this process.
How long will I have access to my NYU Classes course sites?
NYU Classes will be retired on August 15, 2023. All current instruction now takes place in NYU Brightspace. Faculty and students may continue to access and download materials from NYU Classes until August 15. Instructors may also move previous course content to Brightspace by following these instructions.
How do I create a Practice Site?
Login to brightspace.nyu.edu using your NetID credentials.

Scroll down the page until you see the My Practice Sites widget on the right side. Click the Create New Practice Site button. The widget will refresh and display a link to your new course site. Simply click to open.

Note: Practice Sites are independent of Law School course sites. Support admins do not have access to them unless you specifically add them to the course site Classlist under More Tools in the top menu bar.
Why is my NYU Brightspace course site title being shown as the course code?
When creating your course site in NYU Brightspace, if you combined two or more course sections into a single course site, the resulting site title will be the course code.

For example, merging sections 1 and 2 of Evidence will result in the course site being labeled “LAW-LW 11607 001-2” instead of the actual course name.

To fix this, click on the Course Offering Information link located on the course site homepage (below the green or red box indicating site status and visibility). Then in the Course Offering Name box, enter the correct course name and click Save at the bottom of the page.