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Have a question? Here are some of the most common support inquiries we receive.

What are the policies for Fall 2021 courses?
Please refer to communication provided by the Law School Dean’s Office regarding policies and procedures for the Fall 21 term. These includes questions regarding if your course will require hybrid instruction, attendance policy for students, and recording of class sessions.
How long will I have access to my NYU Classes course sites?
Full access to your previous courses in NYU Classes will be maintained for the next academic year. Further reduced access from year 2 through 10 will be provided to faculty and school admins. For more information please contact the LID team (law.learntech@nyu.edu)
How do I enroll in self-paced training for NYU LMS?
Login to brightspace.nyu.edu using your NetID credentials.

All instructors should see a banner with GET STARTED. Simply click on the enroll in self-paced training link. Clicking Discover in the top menu bar will bring you to the same page. Then select the “NYU LMS (Brightspace) Instructor Training 101” course card and click Enroll in course.

Navigate back to the NYU LMS (Brightspace) homepage (by selecting the NYU logo in the top left corner). The training course will be added to your My Courses widget on the NYU LMS dashboard.

How do I create a Practice Site?
Login to brightspace.nyu.edu using your NetID credentials.

Scroll down the page until you see the My Practice Sites widget on the right side. Click the Create New Practice Site button. The widget will refresh and display a link to your new course site. Simply click to open.

Note: Practice Sites are independent of Law School course sites. Support admins do not have access to them unless you specifically add them to the course site Classlist under More Tools in the top menu bar.