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Creating your course site (Instructors )

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As an instructor, you can request a course site for an upcoming term in NYU Learning Management System (LMS) (Brightspace) using the Create Course Site tool. To request a course site:

Watch NYU LMS (Brightspace): Create Course Site (Instructor)

Creating a new course site

  1. Log in to NYU LMS (Brightspace) and click Create Course Site on the navbar.
  2. Click Request new Brightspace course sites for your courses.
  3. From the term drop-down list, select the required term.
  4. Enter the number of course sites you want to request and click Continue. The left side of the screen displays the list of courses and the right side of the screen displays empty course site shells in the course site area.
  5. Optional: Click Add Course Site at the lower-right to add an additional course site.
  6. Drag the entire course from the left panel to the course site area in the right panel. You can also drag individual sections from the right panel to the left panel. The title of the course site is automatically generated based on the section name.
  7. Optional: To edit the course site titles, click the name of the course title in the course site area, enter the required name for the course, and click Continue. The Review Department and Course Template screen appears.
  8. Review the details and click Continue. If you would like to modify your course site details, click the Make Changes button, modify the required details, and click Continue. The confirmation screen appears.
  9. Click the Build button to create course sites. You can also click the Select Course to Copy button to copy a course from a previous semester. The course sites are created. Click the course name to go to the course site. Students will be enrolled in 12 hours.
Updated on February 7, 2022

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