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Adjusting Availability in Panopto

By default, the availability settings for Panopto sessions and folders are set to “always available”. However, there are a variety of reasons you may not wish to allow access to certain sessions or folders. To limit access to folders and sessions, or to set dates when folders or sessions will become available, you can adjust the availability at the Session, Subfolder, or Parent folder level.

To adjust the availability of a folder (for example, the Course Parent Folder or the Special Access Folder):

  • Select the Gear icon (upper right-hand side).
  • In the window that pops up, look for Settings tab on the left-hand side. Click it.
  • Scroll down the list of options to the Availability section
  • Set the dates and availability choices that you require.
    • Sessions become available:
      • When approved by a publisher
      • Immediately – Default setting
      • Never – Use this for the course parent folder when you are restricting access to only Special Access and/or Instructor Approved situations
      • Starting on – Set the date at which you want the content to become available to students.
    • Session remain available
      • Forever – Default setting
      • Until – Use this to set a stop date, for example the start of exams or last day of classes

Once you have made your selections, they are automatically saved and applied to the folder.

If you want to adjust the availability of a single session, the steps are the same as above, however you will be accessing the individual sessions’ settings instead of the folders’

  • Hover the cursor over the session you wish to adjust the availability for; you will see several additional options appear. Click the gear/“settings” button
  • On the following pop up screen, scroll down to Availability
  • Make your selections as required
  • They are automatically applied and saved
Updated on January 16, 2023

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