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Classroom Setup for Hybrid Instruction

If you have one or more students who are unable to join your in-person class, you may need to change to a hybrid instruction modality where both remote and in-person students are able to participate synchronously. This is accomplished by launching a Zoom Meeting in your classroom so that remote students can listen, view, and interact during your lecture.

These steps must be completed in the order provided to avoid any issues
related to accessing your accounts and teaching your classes.

  1. Turn on the room equipment
    1. Activate the Touch Panel
      1. Select Presentation
      2. Select Room PC
  2. Load any teaching materials you need onto the computer (PPT, etc)
  3. Using a web browser (Google Chrome) on the Room PC, log in to your accounts:
    1. Log into NYU Home using your NetID/password and phone for Duo/MFA
    2. Click “Go” on NYU Zoom within NYU Home
      1. If NYU Zoom is not in your favorites, use the search box
      2. Close the window that pops up (this was just to log in correctly)
    3. Click “Go” on NYU Brightspace within NYU Home
      1. If NYU Brightspace is not in your favorites, use the search box
  4. Navigate to the current term and select your course site
  5. Click Zoom from the tool options along the top of the Brightspace course site window
    1. Click Start next to the appropriate Zoom session
    2. Don’t forget to Record!
  6. Teach!
  7. To finish your class session
    1. End the Zoom Meeting for everyone
    2. Click the Restart PC shortcut in the bottom left corner of the computer desktop
    3. Select System Off in the Touch Panel, and select System Off again in the dropdown.

Updated on March 18, 2022

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