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Creating Groups that can share documents

If you want to create a location in NYU Brightspace for students to upload and share documents or notes with each other, follow these steps to set up a Group with a locker in it that all Group members can access and contribute to.

  1. From the course site home page, navigate to “More Tools” > “Groups
  2. Select “New Category
  3. Input the necessary information
    1. Category name: this is a catchall for the Group; it can be anything you like
    2. Description: this will appear below the Group name; we recommend a simple instruction for how to use the Group/Locker (i.e. “Upload your files to the Locker here”)
    3. Enrollment Type: select “# of Groups
    4. Number of Groups: input “1
    5. Restrict Enrollments To: “No Restrictions
    6. Advanced Properties: uncheck all items
    7. Additional Options: check “Set up lockers
    8. Click Save.
  4. On the Workplace Summary page, click “Done” and then “Save” on the next page.
  5. Back on the Manage Groups page (if you are not automatically brought here, you can get back here via step 1, More Tools > Groups), you should be able to see the group enrollment number under the Members column. If it doesn’t seem to contain everyone, you can then click the dropdown menu to the right of the Group name and select “Enroll Users“. From that page, enroll users as needed. Once users are enrolled in the Group, they can navigate to this page from their own accounts.
  6. To use this locker, they have to go to the Group, then they click the “Group Files” link under the locker column. From within the locker, students will use the buttons to upload or organize their files/documents.
Updated on March 18, 2022

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