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Building a course site (Express Method)

This tutorial demonstrates a quick start method for building your NYU LMS (Brightspace) course site, without having to utilize the Manage Files Tool.

It is intended for faculty with relatively simple course designs containing a just a syllabus, readings, and/or other documents to share with students.

This video walks through the steps. A text description can be found below.

Steps to build your course site

  1. To begin, gather all the materials you will use during the course, such as pdfs, word docs, and powerpoint presentations, in convenient location on your computer.  Here, you can see I’ve placed them into a folder on my desktop.
  2. Next, log into your course site.  If you haven’t created your site yet, please visit our support website for directions on how to complete this step.
  3. Then, click on Content in the top menu bar.  This is where we will create the Units which will contain our course materials.
  4. Create each Unit by clicking the New Unit link located at the top.  For this example, I will make a unit for course information and then a couple more for each week of class.  YOU may want to organize your course based on topic, resource type, or specific class date.
  5. When creating each Unit, be sure to make it accessible to students by clicking the hidden/visible toggle located at the top.  We will make the whole course site available (published) to students at the end this tutorial.
  6. Next, with the Unit you want to add materials to selected (as indicated by the blue outline), click the Add Existing button.
  7. Then, from the folder you created in the beginning, drag-and-drop the file or files you want to add into the box.  They will be uploaded in order and added to the Unit.
  8. Newly added Content items are hidden by default.  So again, click the toggle at the top to make them visible to students.
  9. Continue this process with the other Units and files to complete your course site.
  10. When finished, click on the course title to return to the course homepage.  Then click on the Course Offering Information link located in the top left widget.  Tick the box next to Course is active and click the Save button at the bottom.  Your course is now available (published) to students.
Updated on February 7, 2022

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