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Add an existing user to the Classlist

Classlist is a directory of names, emails, and group settings that provides you with quick access to a full list of the participants in your course. By default, enrollment data is determined by the Registrar’s Office/Albert.

Common uses cases for manually adding a user to your course site include students who are auditing your class or acting as a teaching assistant, providing access to another faculty member, or adding a faculty assistant who was not originally listed in Albert as a course admin.

The official SIS roles are listed as Instructor or Student. If you add them manually, you see Manual next to the role. 

  1. In NYU LMS (Brightspace), navigate to your course site.
  2. On the navbar, under More Tools, click Classlist.
  3. From the Add Participants drop-down menu, select Add existing users.
  4. Under Enrollment Options, from the Set all roles to drop-down list, select the role you want to assign the user you are adding to the Classlist.
  5. To send the user an enrollment email, select the Send Enrollment email check box.
  6. Under Add Existing Users, in the Search field, enter the name or NetID of the user you want to add.
  7. Click Show Search Options, specify the following options, and then click the Search icon:
  8. Click Show Search Options and specify the following options:
    1. Search In – Select the First NameLast Name, and Org Defined ID check boxes.
    2. Enrollment – To set the search filter to filter out users already enrolled in the course, deselect the Include Users already enrolled in org unit check box.
    3. Search Type – select Starts WithExact Match, or Contains. Selecting Starts With or Exact Match narrows your search and improves the speed at which your search results are displayed.
  9. In the search results list, select the check box alongside the name of the user you want to add, and then select the appropriate role for the user.
  10. Click Enroll Selected Users.
  11. Click Done

Source: https://www.nyu.edu/servicelink/KB0018443

Updated on November 1, 2022

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