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Step 1: Activate your NetID and set your Password

What is a NetID?

All NYU faculty, staff, and students enrolled in degree or diploma programs, are provided with an NYU NetID (Network IDentification). Your NetID is generally a combination of your initials and a few random numbers (e.g., aqe123), and is usually printed on the back of your NYUCard. Your NetID is different from your University ID, which is also printed on your NYUCard, but is a longer string of numbers and starts with an “N”. NYU School of Medicine and Langone Health members use a KID which can also function as their NetID.

Once activated (see below), your NetID is your key to many NYU online resources, including, for eligible community members, NYUHome and NYU Google Apps (Email, Calendar, Drive, etc.). Your NetID is also used to create your official NYU email address (e.g., aqe123@nyu.edu).

Activate Your NetID and Set Your Password and Other Settings

  1. From any Internet-connected computer, go to the NYU Start page: start.nyu.edu.
  2. Click on the Activate NetID card.
  3. Enter your University ID (e.g., N12345678) and Date of Birth (format: mm/dd/yyyy).
  4. Complete the CAPTCHA test and click Continue.
  5. Complete the acknowledgment of University Policies and Terms of Use, then click Continue.
  6. After reading Next Steps, click Continue.
  7. Go to Set Password and click Set Password. (You can also use the secure password generator to set your password. If you need to see what you have typed, click the eye icon).
  8. Once congratulated for setting a password, click Continue.
  9. Complete the password reset security questions. You must answer all three questions. Your answer needs to be four or more characters. You can use these questions to reset your password on the Start Page yourself if you forget it. Click Continue.
  10. Complete the secondary security question section and click Continue. You may need to answer this question to verify your identity if you call the NYU IT Service Desk for account assistance.
  11. Click Continue.
  12. On the Security Settings page:
    1. Set a password recovery email address.
    2. You may opt to activate a Google Apps for Education password
  13. Click Continue and then Confirm to proceed.
  14. On the main menu page, click Logout.

If you encounter any issues during this process, contact the IT Service Desk.

Source: https://www.nyu.edu/servicelink/041206117184250

Updated on February 7, 2022

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