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Moving NYU Classes Content to NYU Brightspace

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This article is intended for faculty. See Notes below.

As an instructor, you can move and reuse existing NYU Classes courses within the NYU Learning Management System (LMS) (Brightspace). Note that this process is self-service, and instructors can move their courses, or school administrators can move courses on the behalf of the instructors.


  • If you are a school/departmental administrator with Delegated Access in NYU Classes and you request the ability to move courses from NYU Classes, you can also move courses on behalf of the instructors for your school/department. 
  • NYU Classes courses from 2019-onward will be automatically moved to NYU LMS during 2021. For more info, see the Reusing NYU Classes Content in NYU LMS webpage.

Moving Courses

To move courses:

  1. From your NYU Classes profile drop-down menu, select Move Content to NYU LMS (Brightspace).
    The Move NYU Classes Content to NYU LMS (Brightspace) window appears. You can see a list of the sites in which you are enrolled as an instructor or for which you have been assigned Delegated Access. You can also search by site title or filter by semester.
  2. Click Queue for Export for the course you want to move to NYU LMS (Brightspace).
    The process will start to move the content to the NYU LMS (Brightspace). You can return to the Move NYU Classes Content to NYU LMS (Brightspace) window to track the progress of each site’s migration via the indicators for each site: Queued > Archived > Uploaded > Completed.

Note: The process may take up to 48 hours. Once the process is complete, you (the requester) will receive a confirmation email.

To locate the corresponding “Reference site” course that was moved to NYU LMS (Brightspace), do one of the following:

  • Log in to the NYU LMS (Brightspace) and select the required course from the My Courses widget on the homepage.
  • Navigate to the Move NYU Classes Content to NYU LMS (Brightspace) tool in NYU Classes. The completed conversions will now include the View in Brightspace link that takes you directly to the corresponding course in the NYU LMS (Brightspace).

Note: Courses from NYU Classes are moved over as equivalent course offerings (a.k.a. Reference Sites)  in the NYU LMS (Brightspace). For example, a Spring 2020 course in NYU Classes is equivalent to a Spring 2020 course in NYU LMS (Brightspace). You can use the Copy Component tool to copy and reuse the course content in other courses.

For more information and a full list of potential migration exceptions, see Moving NYU Classes Content to NYU LMS (Brightspace): High-Level Overview.

For more information on reusing NYU Classes content in NYU LMS (Brightspace), see the Reusing NYU Classes Content webpage.

Source: https://www.nyu.edu/servicelink/KB0018781

Updated on February 1, 2022

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